Thursday, July 1, 2010

Reviews - 3rd Quarter

First things first, thanks to everyone participating in the GLBT Challenge. We are drawing a 2nd quarter winner from all active participants. has chosen......

#39 - Christina from Reading Through the Night!

Congratulations, Christina! Take a look at the prize bucket and send me an email (address is in the sidebar) with your choice and address.


Below, you can link to your reviews in July, August, and September. Can't wait to see what you all read!


Caroline said...

Hello everyone!
First review of the quarter, I'm so proud!!!
The review of Luna is part of the Body Image and Self Perception Month if you would like to check out the event!

christina said...

Yayay! I'm super excited. And really Amanda, I love this challenge. Muah for making it :D

Andrea said...

Can you delete #55? I put the wrong link.

Amanda said...

Sure, will do Andrea!