Sunday, January 1, 2012

Every challenge must come to its end

Happy New Year everyone! A new year means the 2011 LGBT reading challenge has come to an end. When looking back I think we can say it was a pretty good year for reading and writing reviews. A few stats always help to illustrate this point, so here goes:

-50 people participated in this challenge, that's only counting those who actually submitted at least one book review.

-Even though the reading seemed to go pretty well, many of you had trouble getting around to writing the reviews and others did not always link to their reviews on this blog. So I can't say for certain how many books each of you read for this challenge, but I can say that (if I counted correctly) 7 of you posted more than 10 reviews this year, which I think is rather impressive. Well done!

-This blog has had around 25,000 page views, the most popular post being the overview pages of the 2011 and the 2010 reading challenge, followed by the guest post by Gloria Anzaldua and a guest post about GLBT Manga.

Unfortunately, not enough people indicated they wanted to continue the LGBT Reading Challenge for another year. Thus, this is the final post you will read on here.

Thanks so much to everyone who has taken part in this challenge or has participated in other ways. It's been a lot of fun hosting it! I'm sure I'll see many of you around on the internets, and I hope you'll all continue to be such avid readers.