Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Reviews

It's the final month for you to get reading and submit your book reviews for your reading challenge!

I can't believe an entire year has almost come and gone, or more specifically, that our reading challenge of 2011 is almost over. Even if I started reading nonstop right now, I still couldn't catch up with all the reading I intended to do. Oh well, let's hope next year will be a little better.

You can add your final book reviews of the year below. I will keep the list active until December 31st.

December Reviews:

Monday, November 28, 2011

LGBT Reading Challenge 2012

Our LGBT Reading Challenge isn't completely over yet, but I think you'd agree it's been a success. Even though some of us did not read quite as much as they set out to, I was pleased to see most of you came back each, or every other month to post your book review links.

It would be a shame not to continue such a great reading challenge, and therefore I'm willing to host it for another year. If you guys want me to..

So, if you would like to participate in the LGBT Reading Challenge of 2012 please include the link of your blog below. This can be a general link to the blog you'll be posting your LGBT book reviews on, but you can also write a specific blogpost if you want, letting us know you will be participating and how many books (or what kind) you intend to read in 2012.

I did rather poorly this year, so next year I intend to at least read one LGBT book per month. I have quite a few unread left on my reading pile, so it shouldn't be a problem.

How many LGBT (related) books do you intend to read next year?

UPDATE: I will only host this challenge for another year if at least 15 people have added a link to their website by December 28th.

Participants 2012 LGBT Reading Challenge:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

November reviews

November is here, which means only 2 more months to read all those books you intended to read for our reading challenge!

Have you read as much as you wanted to or have you exceeded your ambitions? I know that I thought I'd read so much more than I have. It seems like every month I am surprised it's already time for a new list.

You can add your November reviews below or check out what others have been reading.

November LGBT Reading Challenge review:

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October reviews

October is here already, time to accept summer is really over and embrace autumn! October also means there's only 3 more months to complete our reading challenge.

In last month's top 10 you could see who has done the most reading so far, but if you didn't see your name up there there is still plenty of time to catch up! I see how much you guys all read, so it's not impossible to make up for lost time.

As always, you can add your book reviews at the end of this post. Do check out each others reviews, as I think it's one of the best ways to find new books to read.

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October LGBT Reading challenge reviews:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reading challenge update: Most active contributers

When we started the reading challenge at the beginning of the year, everyone was very eager to take part and most of you were pretty ambitious about the number of LGBT related books you were going to read.

We all know that what we plan to do does not always correspond with what we actually get done. Usually we think we will be reading much more than we actually do, although when sometimes the opposite happens it's a really nice surprise.

Are you curious who has been reading and writing about the most LGBT themed books? Or want to know how well you're doing compared to others? I sat down and counted everyone's reviews from January until August and made a little list for you guys.

Here are the 8 people (there were too many people with 5 reviews) who've been the most active contributors to the challenge to date:

08. Sally from Bibrary book lust with 6 reviews
07. Buried in print also with 6 reviews
06. Jodie from Bookgazing with 7 reviews
05. Caroline at Portrait of a woman also with 7 reviews
04. The reading life with 8 reviews
03. Trisha from electric-eccentric also with 8 reviews
02. Amanda from the Zen leaf with 10 reviews
01. Memory at Stella Matutina with a whooping 15 reviews!

Well done guys!
If you did not make it into the top 10, but would like to be still have 4 months to catch up!


What do you think of the top 10? How are you enjoying the reading challenge and does the amount of LGBT reading you do compare to the goal you set yourself at the beginning of the year? Let us know in the comments!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

September reviews

It's September, which means back to "normal life" for most of us. I hope things won't get too busy for you guys and you will still find time to read some LGBT themed books and tell us about it.

I haven't been reading as much (queer lit) as I would like to, but I'm hoping to change this the coming weeks while preparing a post on my favourite gay male novels. I'll also be compiling a list (a top 10 maybe) of those of you who've been most active in our reading challenge to date.

So watch out for those posts, but in the mean time check out the reviews of the LGBT books read this month:

September LGBT Reading challenge reviews:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August Reviews

August is here! Time to write down all those reviews of the books you read during your holidays and share them with us!

We've been enjoying some time off as well, but we'll try to find some time to share some more of our favorite LGBT books with you. We also have some other things lined up for you in the near future.

Are you following us on Twitter yet?

We're looking forward to reading all your August reviews!

August LGBT Reading challenge reviews:

Monday, July 4, 2011

July reviews

I can't believe it's July already! I'm sure most of you are busy with all the stuff that needs doing before your summer holidays. But those of you already enjoying some well-deserved time off, I bet you have lots of time on your hands for reading. Make sure to write about what you read and post it here and/or check out the reviews of others for some great reading suggestions.

Reading suggestions can also be found in our post on favorite lesbian books. In the next couple of weeks we'll also be following this up with other favorite lists, including queer YA lit.

Did you know you can now also follow us on Twitter?

We're looking forward to reading all your July reviews!

July GLBT Reading challenge reviews:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

May in Review

Hey there bloggers!  I very easily could earn the Slacker Award since we are halfway through June and I'm only NOW putting up a May Review.  (Wanna know how I'm a bigger slacker? My intention was to do this monthly, and this is only my second time.  *le sigh*)  

Luckily for me, book bloggers are the lovers of the blogging world.  Seriously.  Is it just me or does anyone else get warm fuzzies knowing how awesome book bloggers are?

Really.  I'm not buttering you up for forgiveness...Truly.

Now, onto what was read!

Our wonderful co-host, For the Roses read Martin Misunderstood by Karin Slaughter.  She said: "What I liked about this novel is the way in which Martin's existence is described. At first I didn't think I'd enjoy reading about a guy like him, but the struggle that is his life is told in such detail that you cannot help but imagine what it would be like to be him or at least sympathize with what he has to go through. At the same time I also found it excruciating, because Martin can be so stupid at times I wanted to scream at him: "Come on, get your shit together!"

Orange Sorbet read Hero by Perry Moore and felt that "Hero isn’t a gay book or a superhero book or a kids-with-messed-up-families book. It’s a book about awkwardness, misfits and keeping secrets: in other words, it’s a book about being a teenager. "

Stella Matutina read volumes 1 - 3 of the manga series Little Butterfly It's the story of two boys who meet, become friends, and more.  She says: "The story itself defied my expectations. It’s much darker than the cover leads one to believe. Nakahara, the more reticent of the boys, has a desperately unhappy home life. Both his parents are abusive. His mother is mentally ill and clearly isn’t getting any help. He isn’t your standard wretched hero; he really does have it bad, and his friendship with the outgoing Kojima helps him cope."  

She also read The White City by Elizabeth Bear which happens to be one of her favorite vampire series.

Stella continued her reading trend with The Bermuda Triangle by Maureen Johnson.  And evidently, "this one made me sob."

Portrait of a Lady read the sequel to Ash, Huntress by Melinda Lo.  "Melinda Lo is one of those writers who speak directly to my soul. I honestly don't know what I would do without her books."

Books Are Like Candy Corn picked up Scalping the Red Rocks by Greg Lilly and really liked that the fact that the main character was gay wasn't the focus, rather it was normal and ordinary.  How it should be.

The True Book Addict read Promised Valley Rebellion by Ron Pritsch. It's historical fiction and "presents the case that homosexuals have been present through out history and not always kept under wraps."

An Irregular Silsbee read Lessons in Desire by Charlie Cochrane.   Her thoughts: "After enjoying the first book in this series so much, I was pretty much champing at the bit to crack into this one. The main characters, Jonty and Orlando, are such a charming couple. It's a delight to read about them in their academic setting, but reading about them on holiday in an island setting was very nearly as fun. Cochrane is excellent at setting scenes, and I often felt like I was ambling along with the fellows on their daily excursions."

The Little Bookworm read Shine by Lauren Myracle and felt it "was a beautiful and heart -wrenching book. Cat's voice comes through loud and clear though she is an introverted character."

Suko's Notebook read My Two Wives and Three Husbands by S. Stanley Gordon referring to it as a "candid" memoir that is also "upbeat and positive". 

Wordsmithonia read Don't  Read a Breathe by Jennifer McMahon and had such a strong (and positive) reaction to the book that he didn't think his review would do it justice.  That's sayin' something there.  Ultimately, he felt "the author brilliantly combined the story of one family's dark descent into their own family mythology with just enough "fantasy" to make you believe that maybe, just maybe, fairies really do exist." 

Amethyst Daydreams read Ash by Melinda Lo.  (Can I just say I love that she ordered the UK version because it was prettier.  Sounds like something I would do). She loves that "you can tell it's based on Cinderella but it isn't a verbatim retelling with prince scratched out and princess written in.

Notes from the North read the classic A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf. She found that she had plenty of post-it notes stuck through out the book because it was so remarkable and plenty of food for thought.  Overall she loved the book.

And finally, Jackie reviewed Daddy's Roommate by Michael Willhoite.  It's a children's picture book that normalizes a father and his boyfriend's relationship.  Jackie says, "the book's message is one that needs to be taught, it's worth it just for that.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

GLBT favorites: My fave lesbian books

Over the years I have read many, many lesbian themed novels. I cannot even remember the plot of some of them, and others were rather rubbish, but luckily there were also some gems. Here's my selection of 6 lesbian books that I have read and loved, and I definitely think you should check out too. 

I've tried to attach a genre description to each of them, but since I don't really know that much about what makes a certain genre, please excuse me if I miss the mark. It's just meant to give you an idea of the content.

The Red Tree by Caitlin R. Kiernan - Science Fiction / Dark Fantasy

I've enjoyed the dark and mysterious writings of Caitlin R. Kiernan ever since I picked up a copy of Silk at a book fare. Her novel The Red Tree is even better than Silk, which is really saying something as that novel has always been my favorite of hers.

The red tree tells the story of Sarah, who has just ended her relationship and is now living alone in an old house in rural Rhode Island. One day she discovers a manuscript inside the walls of the house, written by the former tenant – and also a parapsychologist - who seemed to have been obsessed with the old oak tree outside.

Once she starts investigating, Sarah discovers more and more things about the old oak tree that will risk her health as well as her sanity.

Tipping the velvet by Sarah Waters - Historical fiction

Years ago I was flipping the channels one night, when I stumbled upon the BBC's adaptation of Sarah Waters' novel Tipping the Velvet.

I remember how much I loved the story and I couldn't believe they could just broadcast something like that without my knowledge. Since then I have read all of Waters' books, most of which I loved. My favorite, however, still remains Tipping the Velvet.

Tipping the Velvet is a historical novel about the life of Nan King, who starts out as a shy naive Oyster girl, then turns to the stage where she finds her first love Kitty, who betrays her and she ends up selling herself as a rent boy on the streets of London. Luckily, things start looking up again when she finds herself falling for someone worthy of her affection.

Ash by Malinda Lo - YA Fantasy

Long before Malinda Lo published her debut novel Ash, I already loved her writing. I was a big fan of her articles and columns she wrote for lesbian website AfterEllen. If it is possible, I am an even bigger fan of her novel writing.

Ash is a lesbian retelling of the fairytale Cinderella, in which Cinderella doesn't find Prince Charming, but Princess Charming.  It tells the story of Ash, whose life revolves around the fairytales she reads and her daydreams of the fairies coming to take her away from her awful life.

That is, until she meets Kaisa, who's a huntress and teaches her how to hunt as well. Ash must then decide if the real world is better than the one of her fantasies.

Annie on my mind by Nancy Garden - YA Romance

When I was a teen I took many trips to the library hoping for some queer content. One of my other great finds was Annie on my mind by Nancy Garden. Even to this day it's still one of my favorite lesbian books. Annie on my mind is about two high school girls who fall madly in love with each other.

Annie and Liza meet one day at a museum and hit it off right away. Their close friendship quickly develops into a full blown intense romantic relationship. It's all so cute and recognizable, but unfortunately it's not just a light, romantic read.

Just as the girls are being happy and are enjoying being in love, the school finds out about their relationship and they want to expel them. Will their love be able to conquer all those annoying homophobes or will they give into the pressure? You'll have to read this book yourself to find out.

Alix & Valerie by Ingrid Diaz - Romance

This list isn't complete without one of my nicest discoveries of the last few years: Alix & Valerie by Ingrid Diaz. It's a wonderful novel about falling in love, and being a big dork. It's fast paced and funny and has enough drama, intrigue and complications to keep it interesting.

The novel tells the story of Alix Morris, a 20-year-old student with an obsession for Aerosmith, black clothing, and her straight best friend. For the last seven years, Alix has been in love with her best friend, who is about to get married.

Then she meets Valerie Skye, an outgoing, intriguing, and wisecracking girl, who turns her world upside down. The crush Alix has nurtured for her straight friend for all those years, doesn’t compare to the feelings that Valerie bring out in her. Little does Alix know, that Valerie has a secret past and is not quite who she seems. 

Stay by Nicola Griffith - Suspense

I'm a big fan of all of Nicola Griffith's work, but I especially love her novels about hot and dangerous queer PI Aud Torvingen. The second novel in the series, Stay, made the most impact on me. Stay picks up a few months after the story in the Blue Place (the first novel in the series) ended.

We find Aud living as a recluse in a trailer in the middle of nowhere, where she is busy restoring a cabin and trying to deal with the grief of losing a loved one. No longer the tough and bordering-on-psychopath-woman she once was, Aud is having a hard time coming to terms with the events that took place and she isn’t exactly sure how to go on with her life.

She is not ready to face the real world, but when an old friend asks her to find his crazy fiancée for him, she cannot refuse him. She is forced to leave her quiet trailer in the countryside behind and enter back into society that is called big city life.When she does, lots of adventure and intrigue follows, but what this novel is really about is dealing with the grief of losing someone you love.

Stay is more than just your average thriller. It is beautifully written, and by that I mean that the story comes totally alive and the character of Aud Torvingen feels more real than ever. Perhaps this is because of all the heartache she is going through or just because she is such a recognizable character.

That concludes my overview of some of my fave lesbian books. Did you like my suggestions or were you already familiar with them? What are some of your favorite lesbian themed books? Let us know in the comments.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

June reviews

It's June, the month we'll get to enjoy the lovely weather some more and look forward to our summer vacations. And of course find some time to do some reading and reviewing. Below is the new link to post your June reviews for the GLBT Reading challenge.

For those of you who could use some reading suggestions, we'll be sharing some of our favourite GLBT books with you soon. We will also give you an overview of all the reviews posted the last months.

Did you know you can now also follow us on Twitter?

We're looking forward to reading all your June reviews!

June GLBT Reading challenge reviews:

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May reviews

I can't believe it's May already! Below is the new link to post your May reviews for the GLBT Reading challenge.

There seems to be a little decline in the number of reviews posted, especially when looking at the many, many people who signed up for the challenge at the beginning of the year.

Is the sunny spring weather keeping you from reading and writing reviews? Having trouble thinking of which books to read for the challenge? Let us know in the comments what's keeping you from reviewing or what would make you read and review more.

For those of you who could use some suggestions, we'll be sharing some of our favourite GLBT books with you in the next couple of weeks. Christina will also give you an overview of all the reviews posted last month.

You can now also follow us on Twitter, to keep up to date with the latest updates to the blog and other interesting GLBT book news.

We're looking forward to reading all your May reviews!

May GLBT Reading challenge reviews:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The other new co-host introduced

Hi everyone!

I'm Natazzz and I'm excited to start co-hosting this great blog together with Christina.

I discovered the site a while back, but I remained a lurker until this year when I signed up for the reading challenge. Reading has been a passion of mine ever since I learned to read; I enjoy reading everything and anything, but mostly fiction. Although my tastes are quite diverse, I mostly enjoy crime/suspense/fantasy novels and lesbian themed romance (or other genre) novels.

Until the end of 2010 I was the entertainment editor for European lesbian website eurOut, where I spent over 2 years writing about every kind of subject involving lesbians in entertainment, as well as posts on research, human interest and politics.

I've also had my own personal blog FortheRoses since 2008, where I write about many different things, like books and other reviews, LGBT topics, personal stuff etc. You can also find me at a few other places around the internet, usually using the name Natazzz. For more information about me, you can check out my profile here.

I think the GLBT reading blog is a great way for me to combine my love for GLBT topics with my passion for reading. Christina and I have some great ideas for future posts, but we also like to hear what you have to say. So if you have any ideas or suggestions what you would like to see on the GLBT reading blog, please let us know in the comments.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Reviews

Hey guys!  I hope that everyone had a trickster-free April Fool's Day.  I have to admit, I was hardly creative enough to come up with a good joke.  Am I growing lamer in my old age?

Good news on the GLBT side of things.  I have a co-host.  I'm super excited.  She'll be introducing herself soon.

And, for the month of April, please link up!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hey there!

I thought I would take a quick moment to introduce myself 'cuz the idea of me being like the Wizard of Oz on this blog seems foolish.  *grin*

My name is christina and I've been blogging at Reading Thru The Night for a little over two years.  I love the blogging community and everyone that I've gotten to know because of it.  I'm excited about taking over Amanda's baby project (shout out love to my girl!) and hope that you guys are patient while I learn a few things about hosting a challenge.

First one on my list is Mr. Linky.  It's my hopes to have the new Mr. Linky up and running in the next couple of days.  I have a spot for reviews quarterly.  If you don't have a blog, you can still join in the fun by posting reviews on Goodreads or LibraryThing and linking them from there.

I'm playing around with some other ideas (possibly mini challenges, participant spotlights, etc.).  We shall see.

Finally, I thought I'd open up the forum and see if there are any out there interested in co-hosting with me.  Because this challenge is such special to both Amanda and me, I'd really like to hear why you'd want to host....

There's been a couple of people who have sorta nudged me, but I thought I'd open it up here.  

Please email me at ReadingThruTheNight (at) gmail (dot) com to tell me that you're interested and maybe a little bit about yourself.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Call for Challenge Co-host

Hello everyone,

I've been running this GLBT Reading Challenge since mid-2009 and it's time for me to hand the reigns to someone else. Christina from Reading Thru the Night has agreed to take over the challenge, but we're also looking for a co-host to help her along. If anyone is interested, please leave a comment here!

The current Linky for reviews and sign-up will be closed because they're under my account, but new ones will be added for future sign-ups and reviews! If you come by in the meantime and there is no Linky, feel free to add your link in the comment section.

Thanks to all of you who have made the last two years of this challenge wonderful!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

January Wrap Up

Hey folks!

So, right before (or right after?) the clock struck midnight and another GLBT challenge was upon us, I asked Amanda if it'd be cool if I aggregated reviews in a similar fashion that Weekly Geeks has done.  I always thought it was rather spiffy being able to glance at a post which highlighted what participants had to say.

Suffice it to say, I've been overwhelmed this month (and it doesn't help that February is so short), which is why we're nearly OFFICIALLY halfway through February and the post STILL hasn't been written! 

I'm kinda learning as a go with the set up of these posts, so feedback is totally welcomed and appreciated.

OK.  First.  It looks like we have had 32 reviews posted this month.  How many of you are like me and forgot to link your reviews?

Megan began our list with What They Always Tell Us. She found reviews of this book on Goodreads and says: "I read this in an evening after putting the kids to bed. I LOVED this book. It was easy to read- even with the viewpoint changing back and forth"  I think it's always impressive when a book can captivate like that.  

Trisha read a fave of mine, will grayson, will grayson.  She felt "The set up of the story is clever without feeling contrived" and "Another point in favor of the story is the hilarity. I laughed. On a lounge chair, by the pool, with family and a whole bunch of strangers around. What can I say? It was a funny book."  Pink Sheep Cafe also read will grayson, will grayson in January.  It was chosen for making the short list for GLBT books. Although not too fond of the ending, " In the end, I found I wasn’t a really big fan of the conclusion, which seemed a little too corny for my tastes, but the emotions this work elicited helped me to see beyond some of the flaws in the storyline.", the story had an overall impact.

Amanda read Mrs. Craddock by one of her favorite authors, William Somerset Maugham.  The book is filled with important themes: "This is a book about an unequal marraige, about the contrast between expectations and reality, and about disillusionment. It’s an adult coming-of-age story of sorts."  Amanda's last review for January is If You Follow Me. Set in Japan, author "Watrous did a fantastic job of making me feel like [she] too, was an outsider visiting Japan and bumbling about while trying to figure out the rules and regulations that made up this new-to-me world." and ultimately, "The fact that these two women are in a relationship is not the central focus of the book, which is what really interested me."

Denise went on a search for lesbian fiction and picked up Wildthorn.  Overall not adoring the book, she did say there were "some nice twists"

Ryan G read and reviewed The Metropolis Case and was "giddy" with the opportunity.  And although he "couldn't buy the story" he did find the story to be "beautifully written" and the author "truly does have a lyrical quality"

Orange Sorbet picked up Unbearable Lightness by Portia De Rossi.  She felt the writing was honest, but "still felt there were a fair number of loose ends that needed to be tied up." Next on her list was The Price of Salt.  Even though it was controversial in the 1950's Orange Sorbet "liked the book, but wasn't enamored by it"

Bibrary BookSlut read a comic collection of  Batwoman: Elgy.  The final verdict? "Gay or straight, male of female, if you don’t come away from this story without respecting and admiring the Batwoman, then clearly you’re on the wrong side . . . and will likely be getting a blood-red boot to the chest in a future issue"  Bibrary Bookslut also read Almost Perfect
"I could write an essay about this book, what it meant to me, and how I feel about it. I loved it and I hated it. I was afraid to read another chapter, and I never wanted it to end. and had a very powerful reaction to it."

Pink Sheep Cafe reviewed Troll: A Love Story. In a nutshell, "I have never been much for fairy tales, and surely what this story amounts to is a Finnish fairy tale, but I have to admit, as odd as this story was, I enjoyed it immensely..."  Amanda also read Troll and felt "it was one of the most bizarre stories" she's read in a long time.   

Trisha's up next with Annabel and found it to be more of a miss than a hit: "I was just bored. I know I should have enjoyed this one: the subject is fascinating and important, covering intersexuality and gender construction. And yet, I was just bored."  Jumpstart the World was entirely different, "I loved the delicate nature of this book."  Finally, she also enjoyed the Immortal Instruments series.  

Cass read The Bad and the Beautiful: Hollywood in the 50's. Overall she "loved the topic and the writing"  but found "the lack of detail frustrating.

Memory reviewed the popular The Girl Who Played with Fire and found the story to be "compulsively readable."  Memory also posted about a series tie-in, called Glimpses.  Overall, she "enjoyed all the stories, though I’d caution you to expect a fill-in-the-gaps approach rather than your standard short story structure."

The Literature Shrew showcases a new author, Jordan Castillo Price and finds the novels "highly entertaining and addictive".  

Natazz picked up The Mermaids Singing and feels that it is a "good crime novel, not a great or outstanding one."

Lifetime Reader is kickin' it old school reviewing Gilgamesh which emotionally affected her "when [she] hit the final lines." 

Jackie grabbed Am I Blue? Coming Out From the Silence.  This was an important piece in young adult literature.  In 1994 "it was the first anthology of YA fiction devoted to lesbian and gay themes."  

This Fleeting Dream reviewed the fantasy book, Swordspoint, and mentions that it "is quite a long book, and it took me a couple of weeks to finish it." but "the novel was really enjoyable, and beautifully written, with just the right amount of descriptive detail, in my opinion"

Flamingo House Happenings picked up a humorous book, Greetings From Jamaica, Wish You Were Queer and "was completely amused".

Paper Adventures read a romance book, Landing.  It appears that it has integrity, "Emma Donoghue's characters always feel very real and believable and this story depicts lesbians and their lives in a normal, intelligent and very accessible way."

Bibliojunkie read the book Quicksand and found it "hard to write this review without revealing the plot".  Ultimately she found the book to be "one of the most bold and graphic book[s] I have ever read to-date.

Book Gazing picked up for the Indie Lit Awards, Scars.  *But* she didn't want to make it obvious which of the "books shortlisted she was keen or not keen on" Instead she shared what she liked and didn't like followed with a couple of questions.

Lastly, Book Obsessed shared thoughts on paranormal romance,  Just a Taste of Me.  Love at first sight?  Turns into an "enjoyable read"

Allrighty that about rounds up January for us.  I hope (a) I didn't have too many typos and (b) my February round up will occur earlier than March 15th. 

Happy Valentine's to everyone.  <3


Saturday, January 1, 2011

GLBT 2011 Challenge Reviews

Hi everyone! Here is where you can link up to your GLBT reviews in 2011. Remember, the more you link up, the better chance you have to win the prize drawing at the end of the year. :)

Here's to a wonderful year!

Note: Please leave your review's direct URL in the Linky. Non-specific links or links to a blog's home page will be deleted. If you are looking to sign up for the challenge, you may do that on the Challenge Post.

*****SECOND NOTE: The original Linky is now closed and a new one will be added soon. If you would like to link to a review in the meantime, please leave your link in comments.******