Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hey there!

I thought I would take a quick moment to introduce myself 'cuz the idea of me being like the Wizard of Oz on this blog seems foolish.  *grin*

My name is christina and I've been blogging at Reading Thru The Night for a little over two years.  I love the blogging community and everyone that I've gotten to know because of it.  I'm excited about taking over Amanda's baby project (shout out love to my girl!) and hope that you guys are patient while I learn a few things about hosting a challenge.

First one on my list is Mr. Linky.  It's my hopes to have the new Mr. Linky up and running in the next couple of days.  I have a spot for reviews quarterly.  If you don't have a blog, you can still join in the fun by posting reviews on Goodreads or LibraryThing and linking them from there.

I'm playing around with some other ideas (possibly mini challenges, participant spotlights, etc.).  We shall see.

Finally, I thought I'd open up the forum and see if there are any out there interested in co-hosting with me.  Because this challenge is such special to both Amanda and me, I'd really like to hear why you'd want to host....

There's been a couple of people who have sorta nudged me, but I thought I'd open it up here.  

Please email me at ReadingThruTheNight (at) gmail (dot) com to tell me that you're interested and maybe a little bit about yourself.



Amanda said...

Thanks again for taking over for me when I really needed to de-stress. You're the best Christina!!

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Hi glad the challenge will be carrying on. I'll be watching for the new linky!

Nice to meet you. =O)

Sally Sapphire said...

Enjoy a much-deserved break, Amanda! Your touch will be missed, but hopefully you can stop in from time to time to say hello.

Best of luck, Christina, and thanks so much for ensuring the challenge carries on!