Saturday, November 14, 2009

About the Blog

Welcome to LGBT Reading, the blog for all those who like reading and writing about LGBT (related) books. This blog is mainly about our annual Reading Challenge, but it's also a place for general information, discussion and enjoyment of queer books and authors.

The reading challenge originated with Amanda from The Zen Leaf in 2009, under the name the Challenge that Dare Not Speak its Name! In the 2011, Amanda passed it over to Christina from Reading Thru The Night who then asked Natazzz from For The Roses to be her co-host. As of August 2011, the blog is mainly run by Natazzz.

Natazzz is a blogger by night and an assistant professor by day. She's the former editor and writer for European lesbian entertainment website, and her current online contributions include book blog Book after book and gay comic website the Rainbow Duo.

We try to update this blog regularly, but because we do this next to our days jobs, it might sometimes take a while. If you would like to be a part of our growing community please contact Natazzz via email or Twitter. We would love to have guest bloggers.

Special thanks to the following for helping with the blog:

Jen from MultiGenre Fan


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I will try and sign up, meaning I post about the challenge, ASAP. I'm very interested in these issues and think more people should be made aware as well. Great idea for a challenge!!


Amanda said...

That's awesome Lauren! Thank you so much!