Saturday, November 5, 2011

November reviews

November is here, which means only 2 more months to read all those books you intended to read for our reading challenge!

Have you read as much as you wanted to or have you exceeded your ambitions? I know that I thought I'd read so much more than I have. It seems like every month I am surprised it's already time for a new list.

You can add your November reviews below or check out what others have been reading.

November LGBT Reading Challenge review:


Buried In Print said...

I'm right with you: I thought I'd read more. Got off to such a great start in the year that I thought I should have made it harder; now I still need a book to complete...oh, s'ok...I see it in the stack now...I'll finish, but doubt there will be any grace room.

Julianne said...

I've read a lot less than I expected to, only 18 new books so far! I've finished the LGBT challenge though, just got to write up the last review.