Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Reviews

It's the final month for you to get reading and submit your book reviews for your reading challenge!

I can't believe an entire year has almost come and gone, or more specifically, that our reading challenge of 2011 is almost over. Even if I started reading nonstop right now, I still couldn't catch up with all the reading I intended to do. Oh well, let's hope next year will be a little better.

You can add your final book reviews of the year below. I will keep the list active until December 31st.

December Reviews:


Bonnie @ Bookish Ardour said...

It's crazy how quick it's gone and with all the reading I've done I still feel like I didn't get a chance to read everything I set out to in the beginning. I can't wait for next year though and what is on the reading list, especially LGBT :)

Buried In Print said...

That makes my 15, and my update page is here if you need to check my math. Some great books this year!

Thanks very much for hosting! (And please don't trouble to include me in any giveaways. Thanks anyhow.)

ContinualKnowledge said...

I only read 3 of the 10 books I promised to read for this challenge. I also haven't been posting my reviews either. But I'm going to put a link in the December posting for the ones that I read. Looking forward to trying again next year.

Anja K. said...

I added a link to my challenge post, as I was silly and hadn't linked to previous reviews this year - I hope that was OK! I managed to make my goal for this challenge and I discovered a lot of great writers and books while doing it. Thanks for hosting this challenge, I hope to do it again in 2012!