Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Mini-Challenge

First, I need to announce last month's winners (3). First, for May's Mini-Challenge, Random.org has chosen......

Ali (Vorvolaka)!

Then, the winner of The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff, chosen by Random.org from among all the quarterly participants, is.......

Lawral from Lucy was Robbed!

Lastly, the winner of Sex Changes by Patrick Califia (thanks to Cass for this giveaway), chosen by Random.org from among all the quarterly participants, is.......

Ryan from Wordsmithonia!

Congratulations Ali, Lawral, and Ryan! Ali, you can choose your prize from the prize bucket. Then if each of you could send me an email (address is in the sidebar) with your choice (if applicable) and address, that would be wonderful!

June is Pride Month! And for Pride Month here at the Challenge That Dare Not Speak Its Name, we are concentrating on GLBT history, memoirs, and other nonfiction. Your mini-challenge: read a nonfiction book or essay on GLBT issues. Any sort of GLBT nonfiction will do.

Once you read a book or essay, leave a link to your post in the Mr. Linky. I will draw a winner of all participants at the beginning of next month. Winner will be able to pick from the prize bucket.

Mini-challenges are, of course, totally optional. :)

**Note: While you do not need to do the mini-challenge if you are a GLBT Challenge participant, you must be a participant if you would like to enter here. Thanks!

If you would like to write a guest post on GLBT Nonfiction this month, please contact Jen at jensfgeek[at]gmail[dot]com


Ali said...

Yay, I won!

Email sent.

Ceri said...

Congratulations Ali, Lawrai and Ryan! Woop!

Dark Heathyr said...

Thanks to Josh over at Genreville for introducing me to this blog. Absolutely lovely idea!